When Night Comes – Author’s Note

When Night Comes - Cover FinalA Brief Note About When Night Comes

If I’m a new author to you and you haven’t yet read any of my other published novels (this novel is actually my 14th), let me start off by saying thanks for checking out When Night Comes. I hope you thoroughly enjoy it. If you do, at the end of the book I’ve included another note mentioning two fairly recent novels that are the most similar to this one.

But in general, When Night Comes opens up something of a new door for my writing. The traditional rule in the publishing world is to stay locked into one genre, and only write books within that genre, because that’s what your readers expect from you. For those of you who’ve read and enjoyed my other novels, you are familiar with my character-driven storylines, strong romantic threads, and a lot of page-turning suspense. You’ll find all of that in When Night Comes.

So what’s the difference?

Magazine and blog reviewers have often compared my books to the works of Nicholas Sparks. Because in addition to the things I’ve already mentioned, most of my novels include a strong spiritual theme and a powerful emotional punch. It’s not uncommon for readers to get choked up while reading my books and many even cry (it’s a good cry, though, not the sad kind).

That’s probably not going to happen when you read When Night Comes. You’ll be tempted to bite your nails a few times but not likely reach for the tissue box. I still enjoy writing my more “Nicholas Sparks type” books. In fact, I’m working on one right now.

But to be honest, when I read I’m not always in the mood for an intense, emotional ride. Sometimes, I just want to read a fun and entertaining novel of suspense. When Night Comes, represents that other kind of book I like to read…and to write.

A suspense novel.

I hope it’s the first of many more to come. I’d love to be able to write both kinds of books in the days ahead. I won’t be offended if you’re the kind of reader who only likes one or the other, but I hope a lot of you are like me and enjoy reading both.

To make it easier to tell the difference, my suspense novels will have a totally different kind of cover than my other books. I decided to do it this way than to write under a different name.

If you want to write me and tell me your thoughts, feel free. I love to get reader emails and read all of them myself.

– Dan

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