What Follows After Wins Selah Award

Last night I learned some wonderful news. My novel, What Follows After–borrowing a phrase from one of my favorite Christmas movies–won a “major award.” I hPrintad posted a few weeks ago that it had been named a finalist for the Selah Award in the historical fiction category. Last night during the awards banquet for the annual Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference, the winners were announced.

What Follows After won for best historical fiction!

This is now my 3rd novel to win this prestigious award. The other two books that won were The Discovery and The Reunion.

It released just over a year ago in April, 2014. The year on the award plaque, though, will say 2015. Writing awards almost always come the year after the books have come out. I had so much fun researching and writing this book, you could hardly call it work.

Although there is a baseball and glove on the cover, this is not a baseball story. It is set during October, 1962, the peak of the “Camelot Years” of John F. Kennedy. The backdrop is actually the infamous Cuban Missile Crisis, though the book focuses on a more personal crisis for one family.

Click Here to read more about the story, as well as some of the reviews. You can also order the book from this page on all the major online bookstores. Right now, you can buy it on Kindle for $7.55. I wish it were priced at something like $4.99, but I have no control over such things.

If you’ve enjoyed my other books but haven’t picked this one up yet, I think you’ll enjoy it too. It’s received 138 customer reviews on Amazon, 114 of them are 5-Star.


One Other Piece of Good NewsPerfect Peace cover idea

I have some other good news to report. I ran a special for my newest book, a 31-Day devotional called Perfect Peace, this past week. During the sale, so many copies were downloaded on Kindle that the book climbed to #1 on Amazon in all three of the categories it is ranked.

Below is a screenshot of that moment. The book has only been out about 6 weeks. So far it’s received 9 customer reviews, all of them 5 Star. You can buy it on Kindle for only $2.99 or in print for $9.99. If you have Amazon Prime, the shipping is free.

Another option is to order a signed copy directly from me for the same price, $9.99 (shipping included). Just email me at dwalsh@danwalshbooks.com.


PP No 1 in 3 Categories - May 2015

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