Summer Book Specials

Restoration series - all 4 books for 25Now that the 4th and final book of the Restoration Series has released (The Legacy), I’ve decided to offer the entire set of 4 books, signed, with matching bookmarks for only $25 (plus $4 shipping for the set, not each book). That’s 40% off the best price offered for all 4 on Amazon. If you’d like to order a set, simply email me at (and mention “Restoration Series” in the subject line).

If you have some of the books, but not all, I am also offering signed individual copies for Books 2, 3 and 4 for only $8 each (The Promise, The Desire and The Legacy). That’s almost half-off the cover price. Shipping is $3 for 1 book (add $1 more for each additional book).

I’ll run this special through the summer (or until the books run out).

Indie Book Deals

I’m also offering my 2 newest indie-published books at a special summer price. You can buy a signed copy of my suspense novel, When Night Comes for onWNC and PP togetherly $10 (plus $3 shipping). I have a limited supply of slightly damaged copies available for only $5 (book is new, cover curls up slightly), same shipping applies.

Or you can purchase a signed copy of my new 31-Day devotional called Perfect Peace for only $9.99, shipping included.

If you prefer ebooks, both of these can be purchased on Kindle ($4.99 for WNC, $2.99 for PP). Just click on the title above to go to the Amazon link.

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