My Newest Novel Available Now

My newest novel, Unintended Consequences (Book 3 in the Jack Turner Suspense UC - FB Preorder Adseries) is up on Amazon TODAY and available NOW for PRE-ORDER. If you get it before it releases on May 15th it’s only $2.99 (25% off). After May 15th, it will be $3.99. It should be available in print on the 15th also.

Here’s the little Back Cover blurb:

Jack and Rachel leave Culpepper for their long-awaited honeymoon trip, a driving tour through New England. On day three, they stop at a little bayside town in Cape Cod to visit Jack’s grandmother. After he gets called away to handle an emergency, Rachel stays and listens as Jack’s grandmother shares a remarkable story about how she and Jack’s grandfather met in the early days of World War 2. It’s a story filled with danger, decades-old family secrets, daring rescues and romance. Jack is named after his grandfather, and this story set the course and direction for Jack’s life to the present day. After hearing it, Rachel is amazed that anyone survived.

CLICK HERE to check it out (or order) on Amazon.

And please, forward this info to any of your friends who you think are fans of suspense novels. Thanks!

All 4 of my Newest Books are now Audi Books

Audio Covers - First 4I wanted to let you know in case you, or any of your friends, love to have your books read to you (vs read them yourself)…all 4 of my newest novels are now availabe as audio books. Tantor Media, the company who produced them let us pick out the narrators (a different one for the Dog novels and the suspense series).

The narrators did a fabulous job. They use different voices for each character. Kinda reminds me of an old-time radio show.

To order them, just go to their Amazon links and click on the Audio box to the right of the cover. Or you can look them up on Just type my name in the searc
h box and it will take you to a page where you can see all 4. I think they’re actually less expensive on Tantor’s site.

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