Rescuing Finley – Now an Audiobook!

My bestselling novel, Rescuing Finley, RELEASES TODAY as an audio book! Yay! It came Finley Audioout great, read by award-winning narrator Hillary Huber. Tantor Media, one of the largest creators of Audiobooks out there, contacted me last October with an offer to produce the book. We negotiated a deal that resulted in this beautiful audio edition coming out today.

That deal will see the release of Finley’s sequel, Finding Riley, next month (it’s in production now). Then in May and June, Tantor will release the 2 Jack Turner Suspense novels (When Night Comes and Remembering Dresden).

Rescuing Finley – audio - is available on Amazon and at Tantor Media’s website (they actually offer it for the cheapest price). Here’s a a screen shot from Amazon and a pic of me holding one of my copies. Cindi and I are going to listen to the rest of it on a road trip we’ll take in a few weeks, when I teach at the Blue Lake Writer’s Retreat in Alabama.

Finley Audio on Amazon

If you’ve already read Rescuing Finley in print or ebook, could you HELP ME SPREAD THE WORD about the audio edition? Maybe to your friends who prefer audio books (people with vision problems, truckers, RV folks, sales people who are on the road a lot)? Thanks!

Amazon Link:
Tantor Media link:

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