Help Me Find a Pic for New Cover

In Nov 2015, my first true suspense novel, When Night Comes, released. It’s done so well that I decided to make it Book 1 of the Jack Turner Suspense Series. Since then, I released Book 1 of a new inspirational series, Rescuing Finley. Well, I’m just about finished writing Book 2 of the sequel to When Night ComesIt will be called, Remembering Dresden.

All the characters in Book 1 will be returning (except those who died, of course): Jack and Rachel, Sgt. Joe Boyd and Hank. It will take place in the same setting (the little southern college town of Culpepper, GA). This time, Jack stumbles into a cold-case series of unsolved murders that happened 20 years ago, with roots that go back to a horrific event in World War II. 

Here’s my problem (and where I need some help). I have found the perfect pic for my new cover. Unfortunately, it’s not available for commercial use, but I’m hoping I can find one just like it, or something close. Here’s the pic (the cabin with a view of a lake). I’ve scoured the internet. Lots of pics of cabins on a lake, but none from this angle (where you see the cabin off to the side, and the lake in the center, with nice trees along the edge). 

I’m posting this for my reader friends and fans in hopes that some of you might either have a cabin on a lakeknow of a cabin on a lake, or live nearby a lake that might have cabins on the waterfront. What I’m hoping for is a hi-res pic that looks something like this. It doesn’t even have to be a cabin (can be a rustic looking old house). If you think you can help me at all, please email me back with your thoughts.

If someone does come through, I will credit their photo on the inside of my book, and on the acknowledgment page, as well as give them 5 free, signed copies of the book when it’s done. 

Thanks for any help on this (and just taking the time to listen). If you haven’t read a copy of When Night Comes yet, you can pick one up for only $2.99 right now (Kindle on Amazon, or contact me if you have a Nook or some other device). For Kindle users, just click on the title to go to its Amazon page.

Thanks again – Dan

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