Breaking News – Cover Reveal for Book 3

My friends and fans would know, this year my plan is to write Book 3 for The Jack Turner Suspense series and my inspirational Forever Home series (Finley and Riley). Right now, I’m about 3 weeks away from finishing Book 3 in the suspense series, but I’ve been waylaid by a lengthy bout with bronchitis. That’s pushed the release date out a little, but I’m still planning on releasing the book in mid-May, Lord willing.

Some of you know, due to some nerve damage in my hands and forearms, I’ve had to write my last 5-6 books with a voice-recognition program and headset. It works great and hasn’t slowed me down a bit. That is…when I have a voice. Which hasn’t been the case these past few weeks.

The upside is, now that I’m feeling a little better (though my voice is still a mess), I’ve used
the time off to work on the new book cover for Book 3. So TODAY, is the big unveil for the book’s cover, title and back cover blurb.

Book 3 will be called Unintended Consequences. Here’s the cover and the back cover blurb:

Unintended Consequences Front Cover 2 - Final

Jack and Rachel leave Culpepper for their long-awaited honeymoon trip, a driving tour through New England. On day three, they stop at a little bayside town in Cape Cod to visit Jack’s grandmother. After he gets called away to handle an emergency, Rachel stays and listens as Jack’s grandmother shares a remarkable story about how she and Jack’s grandfather met in the early days of World War 2. It’s a story filled with danger, decades-old family secrets, daring rescues and romance. Jack is named after his grandfather, and this story set the course and direction for Jack’s life to the present day. After hearing it, Rachel is amazed that anyone survived.

I can’t wait to finish it (Cindi is totally loving this story). I figure I have about 18 chapters left and hope to start writing again by tomorrow or Friday. Once the book is finished, edited and ready for pre-order, I’ll get the word out again. If you want to be sure to get the word, just sign up for my newsletter in the left sidebar, or on my homepage.


  1. The story sounds great, and I love the cover! It reminds me of an old mansion here in West Michigan that is said to be haunted. A group of area residents was doing some renovating, but I don’t think it was ever finished. Get well soon, Dan! Many of us are anxiously awaiting your new book!

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