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My new suspense novel, When Night Comes, releases TODAY (Nov 1st). It’s available on When Night Comes - Cover FinalKindle, Nook and Koble (ebooks) for only $4.99. The printed edition should be available in a day or two. I’ve already gotten a copy, and it turned out great.

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As you can see, the cover looks a little different from all my other novels. When Night Comes is a true suspense novel. It still features strong characters and even a romantic thread, but you won’t be reaching for the tissue box with this one (maybe biting your nails a few times).

If you enjoyed either The Discovery or What Follows After, you should enjoy When Night Comes.

I’ll still be writing my “Nicholas-Sparks-type” novels. In fact, I’m writing one now called Rescuing Finley (first of a trilogy). And I have 2 more on-brand novels coming out in 2015 (Apr & Sept). My hope is, if things go well with When Night Comes, I’d like to be able to write both kinds of novels in the future.

What Readers Are Already Saying

Several bloggers and book reviewers have recently read the book. Here’s an excerpt from some of their comments:

While this book does deviate from Dan Walsh’s typical style, it’s still an amazing read…It was a page turner and I could have easily finished it in a day if I didn’t have other things to tend to like….kids.” Living, Laughing, Loving Blog – Melinda Joy

Dan Walsh’s unique plot twists keep the surprises coming at breath-taking speed. When Night Comes had me in suspense with every turn of the page.  There’s much I’d like to add to this review, but I don’t want to post any spoilers. When Night Comes is a must-read for suspense lovers.” — Author, Ann Shorey

In a change from his romance novels, award-winning author Dan Walsh turns his strong character-driven narrative writing to a page-turning nail-biting suspense thriller combined with accurate historical fiction. As well written as any novelist currently writing…Walsh shows himself to be a master storyteller regardless of genre.” Writing Truth Blog -Jorja Davis

Check out 2 Online Magazine Interviews

I guess after writing a dozen novels one way, then writing a new novel that is both suspense (different genre) and published as an indie (not through a traditional publisher) got some folks a little curious. You can read 2 online interviews about this, plus get some fun behind-the-scenes glimpses in the November issues of both BookFun Magazine and Family Fiction’s Edge magazine.

BookFun – A full 10 Pages (including 4 pgs of pics), starting at pg 138. Bestselling suspense author Brandilyn Collins interviews me about the new book and where things might be going in my writing future. BookFun is a paidFF Edge Mag - Nov 2014-subscription mag, but I’m telling you, it’s SO worth it. Only $9.50/year for a monthly magazine with over 200 pgs in each issue (like a small book it’s got so much going on). Or just $1.50 for a single issue. Over 400,000 readers.

Family Fiction – A 2-Page interview (pg 88-89) discussing my inspiration for the book and my “secrets” to writing a page-turner. I believe this magazine is free, and it’s really 2 magazines in 1. First you have the main Family Fiction magazine, followed by The Edge (the suspense version).

5 Chapter Dare

I just learned that the book sample on Kindle is 5 chapters long. If you’d like to take a FREE 5-chapter glimpse of When Night Comes, just scroll up to the top of this post and Click on the Kindle link, then on the Book cover.

Let’s see if I can hook you in 5 chapters. :)

Final Word of Thanks

Thanks to all those who’ve pre-ordered your copy and to those who plan to get the book. Could you do me a HUGE favor? If you like it, take an extra few minutes to leave a review on Amazon? Since this is an indie, I don’t have much of a budget to promote the book on my own. The good news is…the most powerful promotional tool in the world is word-of-mouth advertising. And it’s the most effective.

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