Some Exciting Book Stuff

During this past week, all kinds of exciting book stuff happened. Hard to know where to start. Maybe the biggest one has to do with my 4th novel (and 2nd Christmas book) called, Remembering Christmas.

Remembering Christmas Hits #1 on Amazon

For 1 day, my publisher offered the book for free, and on that day it shot up in Amazon’s rankings to #1 overall in the Kindle Store. I don’t mean #1 in Christmas books or any other category, but #1 over every other book in the Amazon Free Store. Here’s a composite pic of that moment:

It’s continuing to rank very high almost a week later, even after it’s back to its regular price of $3.99 (which to me is still an amazing deal). In the next few days, 35 new customer reviews came in, almost all of them 5-Stars (bringing the total to 253). Here’s a few of the recent comments:

“Lovely, touching fast-paced. The perfect book for Christmas.”
“Mr Walsh has woven a tale of Christmas magic.”
“A hard book to close before the last page is read.”
“The storyline was captivating and the characters drew me in.”

Click Here if you’d like to check it out.


What Follows After in National Woman’s Magazine

Also this week, my fairly recent novel with Revell, What Follows After, (released in April) made the Editor’s Picks page in FIRST For Women magazine. My daughter called me from Target after seeing a copy on the checkout stand. They also gave it a very good review. Here’s a pic of the cover and the review:

FIRST has a 1.3 million circulation. Hopefully, a lot of potentially new readers read the review. It was the only one listed for Christian Fiction. Click Here to check it out.


When Night Comes Wins Book-of-the-Month

My newest novel, When Night Comes, just released on Nov 1st. This is both my first When Night Comes - Cover Finalsuspense novel and first independently published novel. I just found out that it won Book Fun Magazine’s Book of the Month award for Fiction. Books are selected by readers voting for their favorites.

This means it is eligible for Book of the Year for 2014. Would you please Click Here and vote for it? (on the right side, scroll down toward the bottom to vote).

They’ve asked me to do a feature article in the January issue (look for it under “Reader’s Choice Awards”). When Night Comes sold almost 1,400 copies in its first month out. Not bad for a project being operated on a shoestring budget. It’s also received 35 customer reviews (22 of them 5-star). I’ve definitely decided to write a sequel (already have the basic story idea roughed out).

Click Here to order your copy. Only $4.99 on Kindle.



  1. Great work, Dan! I’ll have to get my copy of “Remembering Christmas” out again. It’s been a while since I read it. I certainly enjoyed “When Night Comes!” It won’t be long before that book hits the best sellers list! Merry Christmas!

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