Perfect Peace out in Kindle and Print

I’ve got some fun book news to share. My newest book (and first non-fiction book), Perfect Peace cover ideaPerfect Peace, is now available in both Kindle and Print editions on Amazon. The Kindle version released last week; the print edition just became available over the weekend. A lot of readers have told me they prefer to read devotional books in print form (even if they use E-readers for most of their other books).

The print version came out really nice. It’s smaller than my fiction novels (a devotional size) and includes 110 pages. Essentially, an Introduction to the book and 31 Chapter-Days, each about 2-3 pages long.

The Kindle version is only $2.99. As you might expect, the print edition sells for a little more — $9.99, since there are additional costs to create it. If you have Amazon Prime, shipping is free. Perfect Peace is also available and completely free to those enrolled in Kindle Unlimited (Kindle’s program that offers readers as many Kindle books as they can read for $9.99/month).

Click Here to order Kindle version ($2.99)

Click Here to order Print version ($9.99)

If you’d like to preview the book first, you can read the Table of Contents, the Introduction and the first several pages by Clicking Here (then click on the book cover where it says “Look inside”). I think you can check out the first 10-12 pages. 

Special Deal for My Blog and Website Readers

If anyone reading this would like to get a signed copy of the print edition, I’ll match the Amazon Prime price of $9.99 (including shipping). Just email me at, mention “Ordering Perfect Peace” in the Subject Line, and we can make this happen through PayPal (even if you don’t have a PayPal account). My copies will arrive on April 7th. I can ship them out any day after that.

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