Author Chat This Thurs – Other Fun Updates

Come join me THIS THURSDAY EVENING for a Live “Spotlight Author Chat” on PhotoFacebook, hosted by a wonderful site for fiction lovers, Soul Inspirationz. It’s to celebrate the release of my new suspense novel, When Night Comes (but you can ask Qs about any of my other books, if you like). We’ll be giving away Spot prizes throughout the 90-min chat, including copies of my new book. It’s this Thursday night at 7pm Central time, 8pm Eastern time. Here’s the link:

There’s one other cool thing Soul Inspirationz is doing to help promote my new book. They’ve created an entire page about it on their website, including a fuNovel Spotlight Ad Nov-Decn behind-the-scenes interview with me. You can win a free signed copy of the book by leaving a comment after the interview by Dec 5th (just scroll down).

CLICK HERE to check it out.

Get The Unfinished Gift for 99 Cents

I found out my publisher, Revell, decided to do a 99 Cent Sale on my very 1st novel, The Unfinished Gift from Thanksgiving Day through Tues, Dec 2nd. So THERE’S STILL TIME to grab a copy if. It’s only available on Kindle and Nook for that price. CLICK HERE to go to Amazon.

And this was fun to see…after the 1st Day, I snapped this screenshot from Amazon. The book shot up to #1 in 3 Amazon Categories.

Report on My Own 99-Cent Thanksgiving Sale

This past week I tried something different. Of course, this whole new indie adventure with my new novel brings something different every day. From everything I’ve read, it’s fairly normal to do short-term .99 cent sales to help promote your book. There are all kinds of new ebook sites that have created free, daily mailing lists to booklovers (like BookBub, EReaders News Today, etc.). You simply check off the kind of books you love, and they’ll send you an email once a day of 4-5 book choices, temporarily marked down to somewhere between free and 2.99.

So, I offered When Night Comes for 5-days at this 99 cent price, which ended on Thanksgiving Day. Time will tell if it proved to be worth it. Monetarily, it was somewhat successful. At 99 cents, I’m only able to make .35/copy. I sold a total of 700 books during the sale. 370 of them during the 2-Days I used one of these ebook email services (ENT).

Certainly not getting rich with these numbers but, supposedly, the idea is really more about attracting new readers to your book. If they like it at .99 cents, they’ll be willing to pay the regular price for others. Let’s hope that proves true.  It did result in the book climbing Amazon’s bestseller list very quickly all week, which certainly didn’t hurt.


  1. Thank you so very much for taking the plunge into the .99 cent market!!! That is how I found so many of my favorite authors!!! I really love the message your books give w/out knocking us over our heads!!! You woo people to Jesus and it’s remarkable!!! God bless you in your future books!!! Carolyn McElroy

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