Saving Parker

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Book 3 in the Forever Home Series (easily read as a Stand-alone).

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After years of abuse and neglect, Parker is found chained in a junk-filled backyard after a drug bust. The little guy is terrified of people. Officer Ned Barringer brings him to a nearby shelter for medical care. When Ned learns how hard it is for dogs like Parker to get adopted, he decides to take him in. He’s also instantly taken with Kim Harper, one of the shelter managers. She offers to train Parker for free and Ned instantly accepts. That same day, he meets his next-door neighbor, a ten-year-old boy named Russell. Russell tries to hide a black-eye, compliments of two bullies at school. This angers Ned. He was also bullied as a child. It was the main reason he became a cop. But really, what can Ned do? A series of tragic events occur. What vital role does Parker play in bringing these three lives together?

Dan Walsh is known for page-turning, character driven novels. Fans of Dan’s other books, as well as dog-lovers everywhere will especially enjoy Saving Parker (2 more books are available in the Forever Home series).

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