Discussion Questions – Remembering Christmas

Below are a number of Discussion Questions for Remembering Christmas. Feel free to Copy and Print them for your Book Club:Remembering Christmas - Dan Walsh

(Spoiler Alert – These Questions assume you have already read the book)

  1. Rick, the main character, is obviously the one “Remembering Christmas.” What were the most significant ways the Christmas he remembers changed his life?
  2. JD, a homeless man, is one of the key characters in the book. Before reading this, what was your general attitude about people in his situation? Did your perspective change by the end of the story? How?
  3. Did you see the romance coming between Rick and Andrea? What do you think most attracted Rick to Andrea? What would you say caused his heart change toward her daughter, Amy?
  4. Initially, Andrea is very resistant to Rick’s interest. Do you agree with her reasons? What do you think had to change for her to begin to see Rick in a new way?
  5. At the beginning of the book, Art collapses with a life-threatening illness. At one point after his surgery, complications set in and he almost dies. But Father Charlie prays and, after that, Art experiences a miraculous turnaround. Have you ever experienced something like this or know of any miraculous answers to prayer?
  6. One of the book’s main features is the animosity in Rick’s heart towards Art, his stepfather. What do you think fueled this? Can you think of any Scriptures that speak to how Art’s attitude and conduct turned this situation around?
  7. The story is set in 1980. If you are old enough to remember life back then, did the book stir any fond memories? What are some of the things we take for granted now that no one had even heard of then?
  8. Which of the interesting “regulars” who came into The Book Nook was your favorite and why?
  9. Did you have a favorite scene in the book? How did you respond to it and what made it your favorite?
  10. There’s a significant twist near the end of the book. Did you see it coming? If so, what gave it away for you? If not, how did it affect you?


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