Keeping Christmas – Discussion Questions


  1. Keeping Christmas coverOne of the key themes in this novel deals with the topic of “holiday depression” or the “holiday blues.” How would you describe this condition?
  2. People in what life situation are likely to struggle with this (or at least be tempted to)? Why?
  3. Have you ever struggled with this during the holidays, or know anyone else who has? Was that struggle similar to Judith’s struggle in the book? How was it the same, how was it different?
  4. Another big challenge in the story is that Judith and Stan are not just empty nesters, but all of their children and grandchildren live too far away to even visit during the holidays. Can anyone relate to this? If so, how have you dealt with it?
  5. Does anyone have any holiday travel stories they’d like to share? Either humorous or heartwarming?
  6. One of Judith and Stan’s holiday traditions have to do with “ugly ornaments.” Does your family have any fun/interesting/unique holiday traditions you’d like to share with the group?
  7. Toward the end of the story, Judith and Stan try to kickstart some new traditions they can do by themselves. Do you remember what some of them were? Can you think of any other ideas that might help empty-nesters (or others struggling with holiday depression) to begin to make some new memories and new holiday traditions?
  8. At the end of the book, Stan and the kids pull off a great surprise for Judith. Can you recall any fun holiday memories that involve someone being surprised (in a good way)?

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