The Dance – Discussion Questions

The Dance - Dan Walsh and Gary Smalley

1. Which of the characters in this book could you most easily relate to and why?

2. What do you think made Jim so dull that he didn’t have a clue Marilyn was about to leave him?

3. What do you think of the way Marilyn handled her unhappiness? What might you have done differently?

4. What kind of problems could you foresee their adult children facing in the future, due to being brought up in “this kind” of Christian home?

5. What kinds of weaknesses and problems did Jim and Marilyn’s “old church” have that made the members unable or unwilling to offer them any useful help?

6.What were some of the life lessons about marriage and relationships you learned (along with Jim) as he listened to Audrey Windsor? And to Uncle Henry?

7.How would you evaluate Charlotte’s friendship toward Marilyn? Was she just right in terms of her ratio of acceptance vs. advice? Did she say too much, or not enough, in your opinion?

8.How do you account for Jim’s change of heart toward Marilyn? What caused it? What lessons do you think he learned through this ordeal?

9.  What were some of your favorite moments in the book and why?

10.  What are some of the challenges you think Jim and Marilyn will face in the months ahead, now that their restoration has begun?

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