Book Clubs

One of the benefits of writing full-time now is the freedom to respond to more opportunities more easily. For example, take Book Clubs.

Book Clubs are a wonderful way for book lovers to connect with each other. The idea is the group members read a selected book each month, then meet to discuss it. Some do this online (here’s a great site devoted to this very thing, called The Book Club Network). If you’re interested in starting a Book Club in your area, here’s a great article that tells you how: “How to Start a Book Club.”

Other Book Clubs meet in person once a month at a church, a library, a bookstore, a coffee house, a living room, etc. The Book Club leader serves as the scout, previewing books that might interest the group, then selecting a different one each month.

Getting Discussion Questions for your Group:

Publishers now recognize the importance of this rapidly growing trend and actually ask authors to come up with a discussion guide when they finish their books. I do this for everyone of my books now. If you’re a Book Club leader interested in using one of my books for your club, you can get one of these discussion guides from my Books page (Click Here). Just click on the book cover you are interested in, then in the first few lines you’ll see a link for Discussion Questions for that book. Feel free to copy and print them.

Visiting Book Clubs Live:

I’d love to visit Book Clubs. I can do this in person if not too far from where I live. I don’t charge anything (just ask you to cover my expenses). Or we can meet by phone (I could take questions while your group meets by speakerphone). If you’re a Book Club leader and you’d like to arrange a visit, go to my Contact page and drop me a line.

I’d love to hear from you.

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