Autumn Light

NOTE: This novel is part of a series written for Guideposts, titled, “Miracles of Marble Cove.” This book is #5 in that series.

I believe it’s only available to purchase through Guideposts website. Although I believe you can purchase it used from Amazon. But I wouldn’t advise starting the series with Autumn Light, because it was written totally dependent on the books before and after my story. Reading it by itself would be somewhat challenging, if not a little frustrating, especially when you reach the cliffhanger ending.

But it’s really an entertaining series set in a small seaside town in Maine, revolving around the lives of four women friends at different stages of life. The bond that connects them is that each of their lives were saved, at some point, in miraculous fashion. As far as categories go, I guess you’d call it a “cozy mystery.” The entire series is printed in a nice hardback edition. The series starts off with Book #1, and every 4-6 weeks you receive the next book.

Click Here for a link to Guidepost’s Marble Cove page.

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