Rescuing Finley Only 99 Cents

My 16th novel, Rescuing Finley has been out for 3 months now, and the reviews have been absolutely wonderful. I’ve decided to offer it on Sale this week only for 99 Cents (Kindle Unlimited customers get it for Free). The sale runs till the last day of February.

If you haven’t picked up your copy yet, CLICK HERE to get it. If you have, please forward this blog post to someone you know to help me spread the word (a fiction lover, a dog lover or anyone who loves our military).

Speaking of reviews, that’s always a challenging time for an author…waiting to see how your book is received once it’s released. I’ve been pleasantly surprised by how Rescuing Finley is connecting with readers. It’s already ranking with my best-reviewed novels (85 so far, averaging 4.7 Stars). That’s right up there with how my novels The Reunion and The Discovery were doing at this point.

Here are a few samples:

I was completely engrossed in the tale…Walsh is an expert at crafting stories that warm your heart and touch your soul without being syrupy and overly sentimental.

I stayed up past my bedtime to finish this wonderful story of love and redemption. There are so many things I enjoyed about this book.”

It’s been a long time since a book made me cry and it actually caught me by surprise! It is hard to describe this book in a few words — sweet, poignant, heartwarming, gut-wrenching are just a few I would choose.”

The Dance Still FREE 

My publisher has decided to extend offering The Dance for FREE to encourage readers to check out the award-winning Restoration Series (4 books co-authored with Gary Smalley).

The Dance, Book 1 of the series, released in 2013 received a Top Pick! review from RT Book Reviews magazine (their highest), won the Lime Award in the Contemporary Romance category and was a finalist for the Carol Award. It’s received 401 Amazon reviews, maintaining a 4.7 avg.

If you’d like to check it out, CLICK HERE
(I believe the Nook version is also available for Free)

I’ll say goodbye with an adorable pic of my sweet granddaughter, Nora, taken on the playground a couple of weeks ago (remember, we live in FL…why she’s only wearing a little sweatshirt). She is SO sweet and such a girlie girl.


  1. Loved Rescuing Findley!! It needs to be made into a movie…not a Hallmark movie, but a big screen movie! I had a Findley once…he brought joy into my life when I so needed it. It hurt so much to lose him (to old age) that I’ve waited 8 years before thinking about getting another dog. I will be recommending ‘Findley’ to all of my dog loving friends…which, now that I think about it, are the only kind of friends I have! Thanks for such a great story!

    • Thanks Maria. Sorry for taking so long to respond. My server put your comment in a cache folder that i didn’t see till now.

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