When Night Comes is Free for 5 Days

WNC Freebie Ad - June 2017If you haven’t started reading my bestselling Jack Turner Suspense series, NOW YOU CAN with ZERO RISK. The Kindle version of When Night Comes is absolutely FREE for the next 5 days. If you enjoy reading it, there’s a sample chapter for Book 2 at the end, and an Amazon link (then, at the end of Book 2, you can read Chapter 1 of Book 3, and click on its link, too).

Think of it…with Book 1 being FREE, you can read ALL 3 BOOKS in the series for LESS THAN A PIZZA.

CLICK HERE to get your FREE copy of Book 1.
CLICK HERE to get Book 2 (just passed the 400 review mark, avg 4.7 Stars)
CLICK HERE to get NEW Book 3 (36 Reviews in 1 Month, avg 4.9 Stars)

If you’ve already read it, HELP SPREAD THE WORD? Would you consider taking a moment to forward the link of this blog to a friend who likes “clean-read” suspense novels?

Have a great day!

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