When Night Comes Hits 500

WNC Breaks 500 Reviews✳️ EXCITING NEWS ✳️ -
When Night Comes, my 1st Indie novel (and Book 1 of the Jack Turner Suspense series), just broke the 500 Review-mark on Amazon! This is especially satisfying considering this book was rejected by my publisher, because “it’s not your brand.” I really believed in this story and felt most of my readers (and hopefully lots of new ones) would really like it.

Turns out, they did.

So, I wrote it as an indie. THANKS to all of you who read the book and took the time to leave a review. Reader Reviews are the BEST THING you can do to help authors you love be able to keep writing new books. Next to the cover and back cover description, readers look to Reader Reviews the most to help decide whether to buy/download a new book.

To check out any of the 3 Jack Turner Suspense series, click on the titles below:

When Night Comes
Remembering Dresden
Unintended Consequences


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