Remembering Dresden – Print Version Update

My apologies to those who’ve been waiting for the print edition of Remembering Dresden, Remembering Dresden - Front only - Hi resmy newest novel. I did my best to have it ready to release on May 1st, the same time as the Kindle edition. Unfortunately, the printer has been having the worst time trying to reproduce the cover. When they show it to me onscreen, each time it looks great. I order a physical proof (what they call it), and when I get it in my hands it’s WAY too dark to approve.

We’re on our 5th try now (almost a month has gone by). I’m awaiting that 5th copy now. I think this one might be THE ONE. As soon as I get it, and if we’ve fixed the problem, I’ll call them back and they’ll start printing them up. Those copies should be available on Amazon (free shipping if you have Amazon Prime) by next weekend.

I will send out the news to my Newsletter folks, on Facebook and Twitter. If you don’t get Remembering Dresden - CreateSpace cover problem - May 11my Newsletter, that will be the surest way to be informed (between the way things scroll into oblivion on the other two, and the fact that FB only sends my posts to 3% of those who’ve Liked my page). You can sign up right there in the Left Margin.

Here are some pics to show what it’s supposed to look like, and what they’ve been sending. Again, sorry for the delay.


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