New Novel Here in Kindle AND Print

The Kindle version of my newest novel, Unintended Consequences, released 4 days ago. UC Print and KU Ad 2Hundreds of copies have already been sold. But a large number of folks still prefer to read the “old-fashioned” version. They want to feel the book in their hands and turn real pages as they read (not swipe the screen).

Well, TODAY the PRINT VERSION came out. It’s available on Amazon (in a few weeks, other online stores will carry it). CLICK HERE to check it out, or buy your copy.

Also, the reviews for the book so far have been FANTASTIC. Here are just a sample of the comments:

  • “This series has been great, but this last book was the best!”
  • “I couldn’t put the book down and lost sleep. Exciting, fast-paced story.
  • “I read this in one sitting.”

Have a great weekend!

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