Here’s the Cover for Rescuing Finley

Excited to present the final cover design for my newest novel, Rescuing Finley. It will be Rescuing Finley Coverthe first in a trilogy of books for the Forever Home series. Here’s the blurb that will appear on the back cover:

Amy Wallace has made plenty of mistakes in her young life, but she didn’t see this one coming. Chris Seger is a marine serving in Afghanistan. His life is forever altered by a single, fateful step. A mother of another Afghan war vet suffers a devastating loss, which changes the course of Finley’s life for good. Finley is a mostly golden retriever, who suddenly finds himself alone and confused in a dog shelter. Could this prison actually become the place where Finley finally finds freedom? Rescuing Finley tells the story of how one rescue dog powerfully impacts three tragic lives and puts all of them on a road toward redemption and healing.

Dan Walsh is known for page-turning, character driven novels. Fans of Dan’s other novels, as well as dog-lovers everywhere will especially enjoy Rescuing Finley.

I love how the cover turned out. Thanks to Lynnette Bonner of Indie Cover Design ( And I’m also so proud of my son, Isaac, who took the cover photo. Although not mentioned in the paragraph above, as with my other books, there will also be a love story element in Rescuing Finley. It’s scheduled for release on Thanksgiving Day (hope to have it ready for pre-order on Nov 2nd or 3rd).

Book 2 in the series will be called Saving Parker and Book 3 will be Finding Riley. I hope to have both of these on the shelves before the end of 2016.

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