Great Reviews for When Night Comes

I have to admit, I was a little nervous about this part.When Night Comes - Cover Final

It’s always a little unnerving for an author to await those first, early book reviews. You spend from 6 months to a year working on a book, pouring your heart and soul into its pages. Then you put it out there to be examined and reviewed by people who LOVE to read fiction and do it all the time. A lot of these reviewers are writers themselves, so they know how to say what they think in print.

For the most part, reviewers have been kind to me (with my other 11 novels in print). When Night Comes is different. It’s a rule-breaker. It’s a suspense novel, not my typical genre, and it’s an indie-published book (not put out by a traditional publisher). None of the editors and art dept folks from my other books were involved with this one.

So, I was even a little more nervous awaiting the reviews after the book released a few weeks ago.

Thankfully, I am breathing a lot easier now. People seem to really like the book, even fans of my other books. Some are admitting it is different but, for the most part, the difference isn’t affecting their opinion in a negative way.

As of now, there are 24 Customer reviews on Amazon, 17 of them are 5 Stars (avg is 4.7 Stars). Here’s a few of my favorite examples:

“With When Night Comes, Dan has successfully blended his signature love story with a Cussler-style thriller, complete with time travel, chase scenes, and unexpected turns. I see a series developing around Jack Turner. Two thumbs up, Dan.” – Cork Hutson

When Night Comes is an incredible, fascinating book. This is a different kind of book than the kind Dan Walsh usually writes and I think this is his best one yet. I just love the whole idea of the book. Can’t wait for Book 2.– Trinity Rose

In a change from his romance novels, award-winning author Dan Walsh turns his strong character-driven narrative writing to a page-turning nail-biting suspense thriller combined with accurate historical fiction. As well written as any novelist currently writing…Walsh shows himself to be a master storyteller regardless of genre.– Jorja Davis

Surprise From RT ReviewsRT Review - When Night Comes

I received another pleasant surprise recently for the book. RT Book Reviews magazine, the premier review magazine in the US, published a great review of When Night Comes in their most recent issue (see the pic), giving it 4.5 Stars.

This is an extremely favorable review when you consider their rating system (check out where the red arrow is pointing). If you click on the pic, it will get big enough to read the review.

Needless to say, I’m very encouraged by this promising beginning. Several readers have expressed a hope that this might be the first book in a series.

I think that’s a very distinct possibility. I’ve already begun to develop Book #2.

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