Finding Riley Available to Pre-order Now

IT’S HERE (well, almost) – Finding Riley, Book 2 in my Forever Home series is AVAILABLE for Pre-order NOW on Amazon. It will be released on Oct 1st on Kindle and in print (looking into the possibility of creating a hardback version, too).

As you can see from the cover, Finding Riley, in addition to being a sequel to Rescuing Finley, is also a Christmas story (my 5th Christmas novel). Here in the first week of Sept, I doubt many are thinking about Christmas (you might be a little more in October when the book comes out).

Here’s some BONUS INFO about the book. The dog on the cover (playing Riley), is actually a rescue dog named Charlie. My wife and I adopted him 2 years ago. Cindi trained him (he’s incredibly smart and knows a ton of tricks). Also, you can get to know Charlie’s personality a lot by reading Finding Riley (borrowed heavily from Charlie for Riley’s scenes). The bottom pic is a better pic of Charlie.

The success of Rescuing Finley has enabled me to continue writing the Forever Home series (right now, it has 251 Amazon reviews, avg 4.8 Stars). I plan to release Book 3, Saving Parker, in the summer of 2017.

Between Finding Riley’s release and Book 3, I’ll be writing Book 3 of the Jack Turner Suspense series (hope to have that book out in the Spring).

Click on the Cover Pic or CLICK HERE to pre-order your copy of Finding Riley. And please, forward the link to this post to any of your dog-loving friends.

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