Book Specials to Announce in May

Thought I should get the word out about a number of books specials happening in May. The first one has already begun.

Big Discount for When Night Comes

To celebrate a special milestone for my new suspense novel, When Night Comes, I’ve When Night Comes - Cover Finaldecided to offer the Kindle version for only $2.99 during the first week of May (which started yesterday). That’s 40% off the regular price. What is the milestone? During the month of April, sales of When Night Comes passed the 6,000 mark (actually at 6,409 right now).

Selling 6,000 copies in the first 6 months of the book’s release is way more than I had expected. For two reasons: it was my first indie book (I had only a fraction of the resources a traditional publisher would have to promote it). And second, it was totally outside my normal genre (Nicholas Sparks-type books). Some people had warned me not to expect the book to sell well because of this. Some suggested I should even release it under a pen name.

Not only has the book exceeded my sales expectations, it’s received over 140 customer reviews and maintained a 4.5 average. Thanks again to all who bought a copy. If you haven’t gotten yours yet, Click Here (or on the cover) to get one at $2.99.


Chance to Get All 4 Books of the Restoration Series

The Legacy, the 4th and final book of the Restoration series co-authored with Gary Smalley, released on April 1st. Some readers have told me they wait for Restoration series - all 4 booksall the books in a series to come out before they buy even one. They hate waiting so long between each book. If that’s you, or if you haven’t bought any of the books in the series yet, this May special is for you.

Through the month of May, and while supplies last, I’m offering signed print copies of all 4 books, with matching bookmarks, for only $25 (plus $4 shipping). That’s 40% less than buying all 4 print books on Amazon (plus my deal includes them being signed and matching bookmarks). If you’ve already got some, but not all 4 books in the series (while supplies last), I’m offering single copies of Books 2, 3 and 4 (The Promise, The Desire and The Legacy) for $8 each (plus $2.50 shipping).

If you’re interested in this offer, email me your order at (make sure to include your mailing address). Put “Restoration series offer” in the Subject line.


Major May Special Coming for Perfect Peace

My first nonfiction book, a 31-Day Devotional called Perfect Peace released in mid-Perfect Peace cover ideaMarch. It’s available on Amazon in the Kindle store for $2.99 and in print for $9.99. I am making signed print copies available for $9.99 (including shipping). For those, you can email me at

I am firming up a special Kindle promotion for the month of May, which I hope to announce next week, that will make the Kindle version of Perfect Peace available for only 99 cents. The special will probably run for one week. I’ll be announcing this special once it’s confirmed on my Facebook Author page (Click Here to go there, then Like the page), and on  Twitter (Click Here then click Follow).

Customer reviews for Perfect Peace have just started coming in (I knew they’d be slow since it’s a 31-Day book), but so far all of them have been 5-Stars.



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