A Special Book Birthday

My 15th novel, When Night Comes, was my first indie novel and first true suspense novel. This week I’m celebrating the anniversary of its release with a special 99 CENT SALE. That’s right, you can pick up a Kindle copy for less than a dollar (Kindle Unlimited customers get it for Free). The sale runs through this Sunday (Nov 8th).

And here’s some fun news – After just a few days on sale, it soared up to #1 on Amazon in the Christian Suspense category. Here’s a screenshot from this morning:

WNC No 1 on Amazon 1 yr later

Last year, I released it as something of an experiment, to see if readers would get behind it since it wasn’t the book genre I’m most known for. Back then I said, if it did well enough, I would write both kinds of books going forward.

Well, it did!

When Night Comes has sold over 8,000 copies so far, received 182 reviews and maintained a 4.5 Star average. So it is officially now “Book 1 in the Jack Turner Suspense Series.” I’m writing the sequel to it now, Remembering Dresden, which I hope to release this Spring. Pick up your copy if you haven’t yet. It’s still only 99 Cents for a few more days. CLICK HERE.

Rescuing Finley About to Release

My 16th novel, Rescuing Finley, is about to release. It’s available to pre-order now on Kindle for $3.99 and will release fully (including the print version) on Nov 19th.

Here’s a graphic that shows the new cover, as well as some comments from the ladies who proofread the book for me.

Finley Pre-order Ad

Click on the Pic or CLICK HERE to pre-order your copy.

Great Reviews for Keeping Christmas

My last traditionally-published novel with Revell came out in Sept. It’s been getting great Keeping Christmas coverreviews from bloggers and magazine reviewers such as Fresh Fiction, RT Book Reviews and Homecoming Magazine. Here’s a very recent review from Library Journal:

Walsh is a talented writer. Centered on a tough topic, his novel will appeal to empty-nesters dealing with the same pain Judith endures. Fans of Tricia Goyer, Eva Marie Everson and Harry Kraus will be drawn to this title.”

To be honest, the book has been getting more 3-Star reviews from Amazon customers than I’m used to seeing. From reading them, it seems some people are struggling with the fact that this book deals with (as Library Journal says), a “tough topic.” That is, the holiday depression some people struggle with (such as the empty-nesters who are the main characters in the book). I still think it’s a worthy topic for a Christmas novel, considering the millions of Baby Boomers entering the empty nest years. And I should mention, the novel ends on an incredibly high note.

To get a copy or look it over, click on the pic or CLICK HERE.

Ending on a Personal Note

Here’s a pic taken just yesterday of my 4-year old grandson, Caden, learning to ride a bike.Caden learning to ride a bike - Nov 2015 That’s Chris, his Daddy, right beside him. I can’t believe we’re already here, riding a bike. And he’s going to pre-school now, too.

He’s still such a joy to be around and although my wife and I are empty-nesters this holiday season, we are SO blessed to have both our kids, spouses and grandkids living in the same town.

Hope you all are enjoying this beautiful Fall weather. As you can see, we’re still wearing shorts and short-sleeved shirts down here in FL.

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