I’ve got some fun book news to share. My newest book (and first non-fiction book), Perfect Peace, is now available in both Kindle and Print editions on Amazon. The Kindle version released last week; the print edition just became available over the weekend. A lot of readers have told me they prefer to read devotional books in print form (even if they use E-readers for most of their other books). The print version came out really … READ MORE

I don’t know who said this: “Constant change is here to stay.” I first heard it many years ago at a pastor’s conference. It was shared by a seasoned pastor speaking to other pastors and, as I recall, he didn’t know who first coined the phrase, either. I don’t even recall the topic he was speaking on. I just remembered that phrase, because it hit me as something eminently true. I suppose he offered the quote … READ MORE

I’m working on something a little different in my writing life these days. I’m still writing my next novel (a love triangle of sorts between a female inmate, an Afghan war amputee, and a shelter dog named Finley), but I’ve also been working on something else. I’m finishing up a 31-Day devotional book that I hope to release about a month from now. Here’s the cover and below is an excerpt from Day 2. *     *     * … READ MORE

Since my post today comes nearest to Valentine’s Day on Saturday, thought I’d take a look at a somewhat-related writing theme. *     *     * Let’s jump in with this. Since the publishing of my first indie novel, When Night Comes, I’ve become part of a fairly active Facebook group called, Christian Indie Authors (CIA). Yesterday, another fairly active discussion took place that I got drawn into, discussing a blog post. The post was … READ MORE

I’m not one who puts a lot of stock on celebrating New Year’s. I’m more of a Christmas guy. New Year’s seems anti-climactic to me by comparison. My wife and I typically stay-at-home, watch the new year role in on one of the TV shows. As I look forward, I can almost become overwhelmed at all the big things happening in 2015. Moving in some new directions this year, both in my writing and non-writing life. … READ MORE

It’s not my favorite Christmas song, but close to it. And it’s not my favorite Christmas movie, but close to it. I’m talking about, “White Christmas.” Whenever I hear this on the radio, “I’m dreaming of a white Christmas, just like the ones I used to know…” it puts a smile my face. Especially if it’s sung by Bing Crosby with that super-smooth baritone voice. This is a pic of me and my wife a … READ MORE

Some Exciting Book Stuff

During this past week, all kinds of exciting book stuff happened. Hard to know where to start. Maybe the biggest one has to do with my 4th novel (and 2nd Christmas book) called, Remembering Christmas. Remembering Christmas Hits #1 on Amazon For 1 day, my publisher offered the book for free, and on that day it shot up in Amazon’s rankings to #1 overall in the Kindle Store. I don’t mean #1 in Christmas books or … READ MORE

Come join me THIS THURSDAY EVENING for a Live “Spotlight Author Chat” on Facebook, hosted by a wonderful site for fiction lovers, Soul Inspirationz. It’s to celebrate the release of my new suspense novel, When Night Comes (but you can ask Qs about any of my other books, if you like). We’ll be giving away Spot prizes throughout the 90-min chat, including copies of my new book. It’s this Thursday night at 7pm Central time, 8pm … READ MORE

I have to admit, I was a little nervous about this part. It’s always a little unnerving for an author to await those first, early book reviews. You spend from 6 months to a year working on a book, pouring your heart and soul into its pages. Then you put it out there to be examined and reviewed by people who LOVE to read fiction and do it all the time. A lot of these … READ MORE

My new suspense novel, When Night Comes, releases TODAY (Nov 1st). It’s available on Kindle, Nook and Koble (ebooks) for only $4.99. The printed edition should be available in a day or two. I’ve already gotten a copy, and it turned out great. Kindle – Click Here Nook – Click Here Kobo – Click Here As you can see, the cover looks a little different from all my other novels. When Night Comes is a true … READ MORE