As an author of 5 Christmas Novels, I’m aware some people start reading Christmas books as early as September and October. But for me, I can’t really get into the Holiday/Christmas spirit until Thanksgiving. The good news is…THANKSGIVING is almost here! Speaking of Christmas novels, my newest one (and Book 2 in the Forever Home Series), Finding Riley, is out and doing very well. In 6 weeks, it’s already received 48 Amazon reviews, averaging 4.7 … READ MORE

If you’ve already read Rescuing Finley, could you FORWARD the LINK to this POST to a friend (and help me spread the word)? To help promote my NEW Christmas novel, Finding Riley, I’m offering Rescuing Finley, ABSOLUTELY FREE (for the 1st Time). In the back of the book, I’ve provided a sneak peek (the first 2 chapters) to Finding Riley. The sale starts TODAY and runs thru SATURDAY. Rescuing Finley has been a great success, … READ MORE

Tomorrow, (Sunday, October 16th) is our 40th Anniversary (click on the pics to see them a little bigger). I just got back from the store. Picked out a nice card and a pot of living flowers for Cindi (not cut roses; she wants to start gardening again). We’ll be going out to a fancy restaurant tomorrow evening. In a few weeks, we’ll be taking a 5-night, 6-day anniversary trip. I decided to write this for … READ MORE

Finding Riley, my newest novel, just released on Amazon. The Kindle and Print versions are both available TODAY. Some of you might remember the nightmare I had getting the print version of Remembering Dresden to work (finally happened a month late). Well, Finding Riley’s cover came out great the first time, and it’s already available on Amazon (for those of you who still love to turn real pages). This is the sequel to Rescuing Finley … READ MORE

IT’S HERE (well, almost) – Finding Riley, Book 2 in my Forever Home series is AVAILABLE for Pre-order NOW on Amazon. It will be released on Oct 1st on Kindle and in print (looking into the possibility of creating a hardback version, too). As you can see from the cover, Finding Riley, in addition to being a sequel to Rescuing Finley, is also a Christmas story (my 5th Christmas novel). Here in the first week … READ MORE

Hey folks, wanted to let you know I’m offering a great book deal. My newest suspense novel (released May 1st), Remembering Dresden, is TOTALLY FREE on Kindle today and will be through Tuesday, July 26th. I’m sure some of you have already gotten a copy. If so, could you please do me A BIG FAVOR and forward this info to your friends (especially fiction lovers)? Here’s a little bit about the book: A young history … READ MORE

Even as I typed the words for the headline of this post, it seemed crazy to think half of the summer is almost gone. So much has been happening, I’ll try to keep the updates brief. Before I get into the updates and forget to do this, I wanted to mentioned that, once again, I’m offering the entire 4-book set of the Restoration Series (co-authored with Gary Smalley) for only $25, plus $ shipping. These … READ MORE

It’s finally here (though almost a month late). For those who’ve been waiting for the print version of Remembering Dresden, it’s finally available on Amazon (Kindle edition has been out since May 1st). So sorry for the delay. We were having the hardest time getting the colors right (too dark to even see anything in the bottom half). The final version is still a little darker than the digital image, but I decided to go … READ MORE

My apologies to those who’ve been waiting for the print edition of Remembering Dresden, my newest novel. I did my best to have it ready to release on May 1st, the same time as the Kindle edition. Unfortunately, the printer has been having the worst time trying to reproduce the cover. When they show it to me onscreen, each time it looks great. I order a physical proof (what they call it), and when I … READ MORE

Three days from now my newest novel, Remembering Dresden (Book 2 in the Jack Turner Suspense Series) comes out. Which means there’s only 3 days left to get it for $3.99 (will go up to $4.99 when it comes out). If you’d like to get a copy, CLICK HERE. I wrote Remembering Dresden to work as a stand-alone novel, but I know you’d enjoy it more if you read Book 1 first (When Night Comes). … READ MORE