Saving Parker Releases TODAY This is the first of my 2 Exciting Book Announcements — Saving Parker is NOW AVAILABLE on Amazon (only $3.99 – FREE to Kindle Unlimited members). It’s a powerful story and, I think, a fitting conclusion to my bestselling Forever Home trilogy. Fans of the first 2 books will surely love it! I was hoping to release the print version today, too. But there was a glitch in the artwork that … READ MORE

Yesterday, the nation was rocked by yet another tragic, senseless mass shooting of innocent people. This time, a small gathering of Christian believers worshipping God in a Sunday service. Although the motivations of the killers might be different, two years ago there was another mass shooting during a church Bible study in Charleston. In the aftermath of that shooting, it was abundantly clear, these victims were sincere Christians who lived their lives pursuing God’s will. … READ MORE

Have you read this one yet? My bestselling suspense novel, Remembering Dresden, is FREE TODAY thru Saturday. “Best Inspirational Suspense Novel” – 2016 (Reviewer’s Choice Awards finalist, RT Book Reviews magazine) 468 Amazon Reviews in 18 months (4.7 Star Avg). To get your FREE copy, CLICK HERE. (Always Free on Kindle Unlimited) If you’ve already read Remembering Dresden, can you think of ONE FRIEND who loves to read? If so, PLEASE help me spread the … READ MORE

After 5 months of research, writing and re-writing, Saving Parker is NOW AVAILABLE for Pre-Order on Amazon (only $2.99, 25% Off). To me, it’s a powerful story and a fitting conclusion to my bestselling Forever Home trilogy. I believe fans of the first 2 books will love it! Book 1 of the series, Rescuing Finley, is just BROKE THROUGH THE 900 MARK (900 Amazon Reviews, Avg 4.8 Stars). Book 2, Finding Riley, is up to 229 … READ MORE

EXCITING WRITING UPDATE – I just finished chapter 46 of Book 3 in my Forever Home series, Saving Parker (Book 1 is Rescuing Finley). I estimate 9 chapters left to finish. Then we’ll clean it up, get it ready for release. Still on track for Nov 15th, in Kindle and print. Then it’s straight to work on Book 4 in the Jack Turner Suspense series. Hope to have that one researched, written and released in … READ MORE

If you’ve only read my suspense novels, now is a great time to check out my more inspirational Forever Home series. Rescuing Finley (Book 1 in the series) is absolutely FREE today (Sunday) through this Thursday. Finding Riley (Book 2 in the series) is only $3.99 on Kindle (free sample chapter in the back of Book 1). And Book 3 in the series releases in about 10 weeks from now. To get your FREE copy, … READ MORE

✳️ EXCITING NEWS ✳️ – When Night Comes, my 1st Indie novel (and Book 1 of the Jack Turner Suspense series), just broke the 500 Review-mark on Amazon! This is especially satisfying considering this book was rejected by my publisher, because “it’s not your brand.” I really believed in this story and felt most of my readers (and hopefully lots of new ones) would really like it. Turns out, they did. So, I wrote it as … READ MORE

Today, I sent out to my newsletter friends a short history of my publishing journey, so they could understand a little bit about what’s behind the fairly wide variety of books I’ve authored over the past 9 years (18 in all). Here’s most of what I shared (if you’re curious): My Traditionally Published Novels To the right, are 8 of my traditionally published novels, all published by Revell (a major Christian publishing house). They were … READ MORE

If you haven’t started reading my bestselling Jack Turner Suspense series, NOW YOU CAN with ZERO RISK. The Kindle version of When Night Comes is absolutely FREE for the next 5 days. If you enjoy reading it, there’s a sample chapter for Book 2 at the end, and an Amazon link (then, at the end of Book 2, you can read Chapter 1 of Book 3, and click on its link, too). Think of it…with … READ MORE

The Kindle version of my newest novel, Unintended Consequences, released 4 days ago. Hundreds of copies have already been sold. But a large number of folks still prefer to read the “old-fashioned” version. They want to feel the book in their hands and turn real pages as they read (not swipe the screen). Well, TODAY the PRINT VERSION came out. It’s available on Amazon (in a few weeks, other online stores will carry it). CLICK HERE … READ MORE