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Welcome to my website! My name is Dan Walsh, and I write character-driven novels, both contemporary and historical. Several of my books are love stories and family-life dramas, often compared by reviewers to the works of Nicholas Sparks. But I also love to write suspense novels. Even when writing inspirational books, I want to keep the pages turning.  My goal, whether writing contemporary or historical, inspirational or suspense, is for my readers to feel satisfied and thoroughly entertained. In short, to feel a strong inner compulsion to go right out and pick up another one of my books.

Feel free to read a little about me or my writing journey. Read the latest from my blog, take a look at some recent photos. I’d love to hear from you, so please stop by my contact page and send me a message. Or click one of the buttons for Facebook or Twitter. I’m usually on there every day!



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    • A Tribute to My Wife on Our 40th Anniversary

      Tomorrow, (Sunday, October 16th) is our 40th Anniversary (click on the pics to see them a little bigger). I just got back from the store. Picked out a nice card and a pot of living flowers for Cindi (not cut roses; she wants to start gardening again). We’ll be going out to a fancy restaurant tomorrow evening. In a few weeks, we’ll be taking a 5-night, 6-day anniversary trip. I decided to write this for 2 reasons:  1) She deserves much more than all these things and 2) There wasn’t near enough room on the card to say what I Read more →...

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